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Howdy y'all. I'm living out my eucatastrophe in the Great Plains, thanks in no small part to my wife & two young daughters. Being surrounded by about half of the rest of my 80-something-person family doesn't hurt either.

The only thing is: I don't say either 'howdy' or 'y'll'. In fact, I've been told I sound like a particularly snooty English don. You know, the one whom, if you come across him by chance on a dark night in one of those thousand Oxford alleys, you'd throw eggs at.

I write about writing & I write faerie, secondary, and future worlds too. Sometimes I write about our regular, old, boring one even. Walk around & explore some. I hope you enjoy.

O the Humanities

'Stages of Life' by Casper David Friedrich, 1835

After Papa was done with banging in the kitchen, he came upstairs to dress Sara and wash her face. Normally she would have been allowed to do these things herself, but…
(continued at New English Review, Sept. 2022)

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Magicians for Good and Ill

a wizard with moon staff

Long ago there lived an old king who when young had married a woman he deeply loved. She bore him one daughter and then she died. All the king's advisers told him to take another wife, one who might bear him a son. All told him this but one tall and gaunt adviser, known as a skilled magician, who said…
(continued at Fairy Tale Magazine, Dec. 2021)

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Five Stages of Man

The teacher calls on me and I move the placard so she can see. It's a new year and she's' new too. Young and pretty, and all the boys behind me talk about her in whispers. I'm thinking what they're saying, but…
(continued at New English Review, Sept. 2022)

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