Howdy y'all. I'm living out my eucatastrophe in the Great Plains, thanks in no small part to my wife & two young daughters. Being surrounded by about half of the rest of my 80-something-person family doesn't hurt either.

The only thing is: I don't say either 'howdy' or 'y'll'. In fact, I've been told I sound like a particularly snooty English don. You know, the one whom, if you come across him by chance on a dark night in one of those thousand Oxford alleys, you'd throw eggs at.

I write about writing, culture, and the arts for my Newsletter, Hortus Scriptorius. I'm currently working on a book about the Figure of Speech, the progress on and snippets of which I publish in my letters. I also sometimes write short stories and more public-facing commentary. These you can find in the Stories and Essays sections.